Hello world!

Hi there — Welcome to Upon This Earth. This is my new digital home for music output from both of my solo projects, Datadrift and Molly Emm. Datadrift is typically more instrumental and ambient or trance-like and driving. Molly Emm tends to be more vocal and pop-oriented (only in the most loose sense of the term — my influences are more indie, new wave / post-punk, folk, atmospheric).

My greatest inspiration is nature. Time in the woods or other overwhelmingly natural spaces provides much needed reflectiveness and space to breathe. The urban environment provides contrasting inspiration.

I love the technology of my art form, but I’m also attempting to move away from what can be an easy temptation to over-discuss that element. I’ve spent plenty of years “talking gear” along with my fellow synth-heads, so I’d love to move away from that aspect to a degree, to focus more on the resulting art and creative expression. Just a phase, like any other, I’m sure. Lol. We’ll see how that goes.

Well, anyways, that’s all for now. Just wanted to be sure to say, “Hello,” and welcome you here. Hopefully it’s a positive beginning to provide a little bit of a voice for one artist in this world, searching for inner and outer truths.

Be well,
Datadrift / Molly Emm